Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero – and we’re back in 2003. Gerhard Schröder is the German Chancellor and Arnold Schwarzenegger is about to become “the Governator” in California, while Adrien Brody receives the Oscar for best actor for his work in “The Pianist.” The last VW beetle leaves the assembly line in Mexico and the “Beagle 2” descends to the surface of Mars. And a new company, Symrise, is founded – with strong roots, arising from the merger of its successful predecessors Dragoco and Haarmann & Reimer.

Ten years of Symrise means ten years full of intense research, new technologies and close collaboration with customers, consumers, colleagues and partners. During this exciting time, megatrends like the focus on healthy nutrition, general well-being and natural products have changed the landscape of our entire industry. That’s why we have developed flavor solutions that improve the taste of foods with less salt, sugar and fat, thereby contributing to a balanced diet. We also developed highly effective anti-aging substances as well as active ingredients that meet the demand for more natural products and gentle care. Unique fragrances like “Kenzo Air” (2003) and “Givenchy Play for Her” (2010) were also among our creations. These have contributed greatly to our customers’ success as they correspond to current consumer demands.

Join us on an exciting journey through our company’s history. Get to know our past and become familiar with the passion we carry into the present and beyond. Experience special moments in Symrise history and learn what makes us strong and successful.

Moments – from ten years of Symrise

“Moments“ describes the many points in time that make the lives of millions of people around the world more enjoyable – here and now, yesterday, today and tomorrow. In the past ten years, Symrise has accompanied consumers around the world in nearly every area of life with its products and will continue to do so in the future. The combination of all of Symrise’s great and small moments makes this possible: moments of discovery, inspiration, responsibility and enthusiasm – and of course the moment of our company’s founding. With “Moments”as our theme, we are also emphasizing how quickly and how flexibly we identify new wishes, new trends and new impulses, how we seize and realize them – allowing Symrise to create lasting moments.